Thursday, January 25, 2007

Princesses and Cake

“Auntie Sarah, can we be flower girls in your wedding,” Edda asked.
“That’s what I called for. Will you be my flower princesses?” I thought princesses sounded much cooler than generic flower girls.
“Is that like a flower girl? Do we get to walk with you?”
“Yes, you get to walk with me,” I answered.
“Oh goodie!”
My youngest niece got on the phone.
“What kind of wedding cake are you having?” She wanted to know the important stuff.
“I’m thinking chocolate. Does that work for you?”
“Yeah. I love chocolate!” Amma said. I could hear the delight in her three year-old voice.
“Auntie Sarah, it’s Edda. I don’t like chocolate. I like white cake.”
“Okay, maybe we’ll have a small white cake, too.”
“Oh goodie! I get my own cake!”
“Um, I don’t think it will be your own cake.”
“Bye!” I heard the phone drop. “Mom, I get my own cake!’

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Heidi said...

In that case, I'd really like hazelnut or maybe a fruit tart. hah!