Monday, April 30, 2007

On the Move

It’s official. I called my landlord this morning and gave my notice. I am packing up my little place on the beach and heading north. A whole mile north and about 40 feet closer to the beach.
We had a great weekend talking about communication. It appears that we are actually on the same page! What a shocker! We both agree we will need to help keep it clean and that my housekeeper is coming with me.

We’re are my house this week, and in my ever-present planning mode, I started putting books I can live without in a box to give away or sell. I’m ready to start taking pictures of the furniture I can live without and putting it up on Craig’s List. I have 2 stools I never use that I’m ready to let go of. My bed, TV and maybe a bookshelf or 2 are also heading to new homes, but not quite yet.

It’s so amazing. A month ago I could barely imagine moving and today, I’m ready to sell most of my stuff. It didn’t hurt that when I came home on Thursday night to pick-up some stuff, I found my door open. Not just unlocked but open. My building manager said he was in there fixing a smoke detector on WEDNESDAY, but he closed the door. Whatever. I never said you could be in there, and I sure as hell never said leave it wide open so the homeless of Venice could have a place to sleep and shower.

On a positive note, my belief that most people are inherently good paid off. Nothing was taken. Additionally, I’m ready to move up the road and live full-time with my sweetie and say good-bye to my dark, little apartment that I’ve called home for over four years.

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