Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I flew home a week ago to see my family and handle wedding business (and celebrate my birthday!). After looking at the house on Bear Wallow, and I realized that there is no way in hell (or without lots and lots of work) we can fit all our guests there. Mom and I scoped out another site with flat space, and were lucky enough to book it. So, here are some pictures of spring in the Blue Ridge and the new site.

I forgot how pretty the dogwoods are.
The porch of the main house at the Farm.
The ceremony site. Afterwards, we can play a little badmitton.
The best part of my trip was spending my birthday with my Nana. This woman was in a hospital 4 days before this picture was taken. She's the best! I'm so happy she's feeling better.

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