Monday, June 25, 2007


I meant to post this right after our trip to Austin, but never got around to it since I was deathly ill (and no one in Austin got sick!!). After rooting for the Longhorns in the NCAA championships, I feel it only fitting that I comment on their fair city.

Shock. Yes, I am in shock. I like a part of Texas. As a former Coloradoan, this is akin to saying I am in love with my brother. It's just wrong.

Austin is everything that people hype it to be. Great people, fun places, easy to get around. I’d been before but in the whirlwind of a wedding. I didn't remember the river running though it, which I loved. It was hot and humid, and people were all over the water like little bugs skimming on top. I felt like crap, or else I would have joined them.

We scarfed down greasy, Tex-Mex, which tasted delicious, but I still prefer Cal-Mex (don’t forget my health watch). I sampled queso. I like cheese in most forms, and queso fit the bill. Cheese and chips? I’m sold! Thank god that isn’t part of Cal-Mex or I’d be the size of a house. And there were a lot of people of the large variety there, but they didn’t stop me from ordering the deep-dish apple pie for dessert at dinner.

It was awesome to see my friend, meet her son and spend time with her husband, who I swear I’ve only hung out with at weddings. I loved their parenting style and their adorable son. They took us to a barbeque at their friend’s house, and guess what?! Their friends were nice, too!

I could almost see myself living there. I started to picture it. But the fiancĂ© still loves the ocean so it looks like we’ll stay within walking distance of it for awhile. But believe the hype about Austin. It’s in Texas, but it isn’t really Texas. It’s Austin.

The River in the middle of the city!!! Picture paddling a boat on it... Ahhh.... summer.... Clearly, someone has a sense of humor.

And don't forget. Austin is the state capital.

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Heidi said...

There's always Galveston. Then you have ocean and Texas. And Queso.