Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Traditions are Good

There is a reason your guy should surprise you with a ring. Okay, a few reasons. First, there are way too many to choose from. It's overwhelming. I was blinded by the bling in De Beers, and after two stores, all the rings started looking the same. You want a square cut? Tell him. The rest of the design he can figure out with the jeweler. And my god, I cannot,with a decent conscious, tell my man to spend $8,000 on a small piece of stone and metal. I can’t. I’m way too practical. We don’t own a house, and honestly, I want a house way more than I want a big ring.

Of course, if he showed up with an $10,000 three-stone ring set in platinum with a matching diamond band, who would I be to say no? Of course I love it! Put that puppy on my hand! Woo-hoo! I’m engaged! I’m blinded by my bling! Seriously. Let him pick out your ring. It's so much easier. You never have to know how much he spent or how long he angonized over whether or not you'd like it. You'll just look down at your hand and think, I'm so lucky!

Alas, the controlling, design freak that I am, I made it clear to my fiancĂ© that he was NOT to buy a ring without me there. We went to Tiffany and I tried on a $14,000 ring that looked like it should cost about $5,000. It sparkled and was pretty, but really, that’s a small car. We went to Bulgari to try on the ring I had to have when I saw it online. Hated it in person. Too traditional. The $19,000 price tag didn't add to its appeal either. Hello, down payment!

Eventually, we headed to the diamond district where I tried on no less that thirty ring. I swear I went with an open mind. My man was ready to buy. Who ended up spending money? Me. The swiftness of his decision shocked me. He found a ring after trying on just two. In Germany, men wear engagement rings, and he wants to wear his band now so I bought it for him. Right then. Before mine.

I am now patiently waiting for April when the jeweler in Toronto, who I found on the internet, will send me her sample rings to try on. And IF I like them, we will finally order a ring for me. If I don't like them, well, I'm sending my man out without me to buy me something traditional.

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