Friday, February 16, 2007


Holy Smokes. Let it be said: 2007 is the Year of Transition. I thought 1)moving in together 2) getting married 3) possibly trying to get pregnant were enough, but life isn’t that easy.

This past week I got to move offices. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. A minor blip on the screen of life, unlike the other major milestones I’m hitting this year. Never the less, it was stressful and continues to be.

We moved from a small, older office into completely remodeled, gorgeous state of the art office. I am not complaining. I’m just exhausted. Moving an executive suite is no easy task even with the huge crew of people who made it happen (my job was to tell them where to put stuff, pack and unpack the little stuff). People came wandering through to see it all. Plus, my boss was traveling so I became the point person, which made it incredibly difficult to unpack. Again, not complaining. I’m just pooped. Plain and simple. And looking for a little tequila. And wishing I was a major lottery winner so I didn’t have to worry about work or how much we spend on the wedding and I could pay someone to take care of all the details of the wedding including but not limited to the invitations, my hair and make-up, the flowers, the centerpieces, the transportation, the website, the……

Why are we doing the big wedding again? I keep telling myself it will be an amazing day with all the people we love in one place. But after a week like I’ve had and a fruitless wedding dress shopping excursion last weekend, I think just the two of us in Big Sur sounds pretty darn good. Although, Big Sur is kind of a drive. Court house in Beverly Hills? Maybe Santa Monica? I need an assistant. And a nap.

Next week, the wedding will sound good again. Otherwise, I'm looking into flights to Hawaii.

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