Wednesday, February 28, 2007

To Sur or not to Sur

The latest plan in the wedding adventure is to skip the whole bloody deal and have a very exclusive family-only event in Big Sur. My vision is to gather on one of the spectacular beaches, have a very casual exchange of vows in front of my loved ones (meaning we’d do the legal part at the courthouse in San Luis Obispo) then heading over to Nepenthe for a wonderful view and meal. Hopefully, some band would be playing at some venue that night so we could cut the rug a little after the meal.

We’d stay in one of the fancy hotels like Ventana or Post Ranch Inn, which are completely outrageous price-wise and only worth it if you make TONS of money or are getting married. Afterward, we’d head back to Los Angeles and jet off to Southeast Asia for my once in a life time trip to Vietnam and Thailand (with weddings, everything is once in a lifetime). Simple, easy, inexpensive. Sounds wonderful. The pain in my throat goes away. That is, until I realize my 90 year old grandparents couldn’t be there.

It seems like a crime to get married without them there. My stress barometer flies back up and I want to barf. Then, when I start thinking about changing things in North Carolina to suit our budget and my fiancĂ©’s desire for a smaller wedding, I feel like my head might pop off. Deciding to get married was the easy part. Planning this beast is like learning to control a dragon. Could I really get married without my grandparents present? Would my family ever forgive me (extended clan)? Do other women go through this? Elopement is sounding better and better. Courthouse anyone?

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