Thursday, May 31, 2007

Even the mighty fall sometimes

I rarely get sick. I might call in sick to work, but you know, it’s usually more like sick of work sick. Not sick-sick. On the rare occasion when sickness gets a hold of me, I almost always take to the couch for a day and wave it away with a quick brush of hand. I do NOT get sick for days, and definitely not a whole week. Unfortunately, I think I am sick-sick. Here’s the timeline:

Tuesday: Felt a little under the weather. Left work an hour early. Went to bed.

Wednesday: Stayed home on the couch. Felt poorly, but could have pushed it and gone to work. This is my strategy: get it before it gets you.

Thursday: Went to work. Felt fine for the most part. Slightly run down. Stupid move #1: Despite feeling a tad rundown, went out for drinks with friends I haven’t seen in months.

Friday: Work was cancelled so stayed home on the couch recovering from yelling at the bar all night Thursday. Still felt run-down but also sure I could make it to Texas.

Saturday: Stupid move #2: Hopped on a plane to Austin feeling decent, but a little run-down. A cough has taken hold of my bronchial system. Buy cough syrup that does nothing to help the cough.

Sunday: The cough seems to be getting worse. Still tour around Austin and go to BBQ that night. Buy homeopathic cough syrup that does nothing to help the cough.

Monday: Continue coughing and denying I am sick. Tour around Austin. Shop, walk and run myself down more. Stupid, but necessary move #3: Hop a plane back to LA.

Tuesday: Wake up feeling like utter hell. Stay home from work and cough like mad.

Wednesday: Repeat Tuesday. Finally admitted defeat and called the doctor for drugs. She informed me it sounds like I have a virus and I have to wait it out, but took mercy on my and prescribed cough syrup. Stupid move #4: Had the cough syrup prescription sent to the pharmacy by work so I couldn’t get it last night. Spent the night coughing so much I puked. This has not happened in my memory before (vaguely recall this possibly happening when I was a child).

Thursday: Stupid Move #5: Deny that I am still sick. Drive to the pharmacy to get cough syrup and onto work where I planned on taking it. The cough syrup is full of drugs that will knock me out and make me sleep like I am on, oh drugs. I am stuck sucking Ricola and drinking hot water with lemon and honey. I really hope this cough syrup works.

So, I am finally admitting that I am sick and called HR to request a temp to cover for me for the afternoon. I can’t wait to get home so I can go drug myself and get healthy.

Also, send a prayer for all those poor people on the planes with me and my friends in Texas. I really, really hope I didn’t get them sick.

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