Wednesday, May 9, 2007

May 8

Mango-banana smoothie
Multiple handfuls of Banana Crisp Bonanza Mix (I like the other one better)
The most delicious white bean bruschetta EVER
2 pieces of very tasty pizza at Mozza (Mario Batali’s new LA eatery)
Some chocolate
Leftover cold pizza. Still tasty.

Packing moving boxes

Yesterday wasn’t so bad, but now I know why all those diet and food gurus make you write down everything you eat and drink. It is scary! I can’t take it. Often, I think I had a pretty healthy day: smoothie for breakfast, tea in the morning, lots of water, salad for lunch, cereal for dinner. Then, I recall the small pile of chocolate covered somethings that I crammed in my mouth at the 4 o’clock low point of my work day. Like all 32 pieces of chocolate plus a half of a bag of nuts. Like I said, scary.

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