Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Heaven in a Jar

On the weekends, I rarely want chocolate past a morning Nutella craving. I never used to eat much chocolate at home until I met my German fiancĂ©. It started with my introduction to real pretzels from the German bakery with a smear of the spread. Then he taught me it’s just as tasty in whole grain toast. Seems counter intuitive to an American: chocolate on whole grain bread. It isn’t. It’s tasty. Recently, on a low-pantry weekend, he discovered that Nutella tastes quite good spread on a warm tortilla and then wrapped up like a crepe. This is very, very bad as tortillas are a staple in my house like air in other people’s houses. I’m screwed.

I now understand why Europeans don’t understand peanut butter. Why use peanuts when you can use chocolate? By the way, European Nutella tastes better than the stuff you can buy here. The only difference the web and I can find is that the US version has partially hydrogenated peanut oil. Who knows if that is it… but it tastes better. Smartly, we brought two huge jars back with us. I suggested more, but the fiancĂ© insisted two was enough. We have half a jar left, and his family doesn’t arrive until August. This is a serious crisis. In time, he will learn to listen.

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