Saturday, May 5, 2007

The List

I’m in the eye of the wedding storm. The official planning is done. The invitations are about to be printed. The rest of the planning is basically on hold until closer to the wedding. I can breathe. Ahhhh…..

Or can I? The damn invitation list keeps coming up. I end up at dinner with someone who I adore, but had to be cut from the list or telling work friends who I love to laugh with that no one from work is invited except two super secret people. My Santa Monica friends got taken off the list, too. Then I think about some high school friends who I don’t really talk to anymore, but would like to invite. There are a couple of my parent’s friends who I really like, but got cut.

We are having a simple, country wedding. It isn’t expensive, but we are paying for part of it ourselves. We no longer have the size limitations of the mountain house location. Do we just invite all the people we took off the list and hope that not all of them show?

Aside from the location, the invitation list has been the hardest. As I’ve told some single friends, stop corresponding with people now so that when you are ready to get married, you won’t have this problem. Damn me for being so good at keeping in touch. Damn them for being such cool friends. Oh hell.

I’m only doing this once, so I guess it should just be BIG. Like my dress.

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