Monday, March 5, 2007

Junior High Moment

I spin almost every Tuesday and Thursday morning before work. I've been going to the same classes for over two years. In my ideal world, my classmates and I would all greet each other by name and wave when we passed on the street. It's the real world and I barely know anyone in my class. I stumble in, half asleep and get set up on my bike. I watch, with eyes at half mast, as everyone comes in. They grumble and get on their bikes. A few people chat and laugh.

The other morning, I started feeling particularly pitiful and wondered why everyone didn't come in and say, "Hi Sarah!" Then I remembered why I was so tired. Three weekends of friends visiting me. I remembered my bridesmaid dilemma of narrowing my long list of important women down. And I remembered why I am so glad I am no longer in junior high.

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