Friday, March 16, 2007

A Betting Woman

It is that time of year again, kids. The one time a year I pay attention to the sports page. Fuck the Super Bowl. Screw the World Series. The Olympics are only every two years, and quite honestly are ruined by the lame commentary and plethora of commercials. The Tour de France is only on the Outdoor Life Network, and I don’t have cable. This brings me to my favorite sporting event: the NCAA Basketball Road to the Final Four. Yes, for years I have filled out a bracket with no clue as to who plays well.

Last year, after years of being screwed by my home state basketball players (how many times can the Blue Devils make me lose a pool??), I picked non-North Carolina teams to win. In one bracket, the one that ended up not counting, I chose the long-shot team of Florida to win. Who won? Florida! Naturally, in the bracket that actually counted, I don’t remember who I picked because they lost which means I lost.

So, game on! As of right now, I am doing decently. Luckily, I didn’t have the Blue Devils going very far since they already LOST!! My pick for the champions? University of Texas. Why? Because I want to move to Austin, or at least I think I want to move there. And everyone wants to live in a city of winners. We’ll see how they play this afternoon. Cross your fingers!

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Heidi said...

Austin?! I don't like this one bit.