Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sleep in a Tube

I am not usually one who sings the praises of make-up. I wear it. I love buying it, but I am the most un-loyal cosmetic customer who ever lived. I pride myself in wearing small, label brands that no one has heard of and carrying lots of different brands. Currently, my make-up bag has such random brands as Sue Devitt (love her if you have never tried her stuff), Laura Mercier (everyone knows who she is now), Nars (orgasm blush because who doesn’t want to look like they just had an orgasm?), Lorac, the requisite Shu Uemura eye-lash curler, Sonia Kushak (yes, Target) and who knows what else. I will buy whatever the salesperson at Barney's or Fred Segal suggests (yes, make-up is all I can afford at those stores). I feel so special when I walk out with my little black bag. I hate that the bag makes me feel good, but it does. Way, way better than the blue bag (and I’ve had a few of those given to me).

So, the fact I am giving the Stila Perfecting Concealer a shout-out means that you really, really should run out and buy it. The woman at Fred Segal knew what she was talking about. It covers the circles. It goes on smoothly. It doesn’t crease. It makes you look like you got a great night of sleep. Even my mother who thinks I look beautiful with no make-up on, thought the concealer was amazing. If you only have three things in your make-up arsenal, I suggest this, the Shu Uemura curler and some cheap mascara. Seriously. Okay, maybe a lipstick or some of the Burt's Bees trying-to-be-lipstick-stuff, too.

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