Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Now we're really cooking with gas!

After completely freaking out and almost losing it last week, I've come to a peace with the wedding. I decided I really want to get married in North Carolina. As much as I love Big Sur and the idea of a simple wedding, I know I will regret not doing more just because it is cheaper. And how much cheaper? I can't believe I am saying this, but what is $5,000 in the big picture? Of course, we'll probably spend more than that, but my dad is giving us some money and his dad gave us some money. After some discussion, or what I would consider to be the closest we'd gotten to a fight, he agreed to support my female desire to have a wedding.

In an effort to cut costs so we can still afford a house, we decided all but the closest friends and the family are being invited. We moved the ceremony to my mom's mountain house, which sounds much fancier than it is. It's a great house. Not huge, but with a spectacular, breathtaking view. And the view is what we are going for. The list is cut, the location fee is cut, the frivolous nonsense I was stressing on is cut.

I'm not sure how the whole thing will be pulled off, or if it will end up looking a little white trash in the process. I have ideas for white lights on the deck and a few trees. Some tiki torches lighting the way down the otherwise pitch as black driveway. Maybe even stringing up some mason jars with candles in them a la Martha Stewart. Maybe white trash meets Martha? She'd die. No, I seriously think we can pull off a pretty wedding for a decent price. When my mom suggested picking the wildflowers ourselves, I had to say no. I can cut the list and the nonsense, but hell if I am stomping through woods looking for flowers to cut so we can save $100. I mean, I still have some dignity and hello! I am asking people to FLY to the wedding. I also put a kabosh on the potluck idea. All fine and well when you live in town, but I'd love to see my friends traveling and driving to Ingles to attempt to get their ingredients to make their special dish. I have a feeling they'd just get bread and I don't think 60 loaves of bread makes a good meal. So yes, I am still paying for the caterer. If my fiance had it his way, we would be having 60 loaves of bread.

I guess it is best if one of us is more responsible with money, but COME ON!

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