Thursday, March 8, 2007

Get in the box

The wedding industry is a racket. I’ve already said that about a million and one too many times. But I’m saying it again. If I hear “it’s only once in your life” again, I might vomit. I also only graduated from college once (and was that a fun party!), had sex for the first time once, turned 16, turned 21, turned 30, and got confirmed once – oh wait. Never did that one. Yes, god willing, this wedding will be my only one this lifetime. If we both stay healthy and sane (mostly me on the sane side), this will be our only wedding.

The cost of weddings, as discussed before is mind-boggling. Hopefully, I only have to throw a large party for my friends once, too. Unless we win the lottery or one of our hare-brained ideas flies. Then, I’ll be happy to host because I can pay someone else to do everything and all I have to do is show up.

The main thing I am realizing is that it is much easier to be a bride in a box. There is a reason that these weddings are done in such a cookie cutter way. And yes, there are different shapes of cutters, but they are cutters all the same. I started out fighting this tooth and nail. I wasn’t going to wear a big white dress (am now), wasn’t going to have bridesmaids (am now but NOT in matching dresses), wasn’t going to have aisle to walk down (might now) and, well, I guess I always planned on food and dancing. It’s hard to get out of the box. I tried. I scraped and screamed and pleaded. I wore myself out thinking of different ideas. The reality is that it is so much easier to just do what everyone else does. I’m starting the think the box is pretty comfortable.

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